Call for Proposals – Emerging Conversations 2017!

Call for Proposals – Emerging Conversations 2017
Theme: Empowering Critical Conversations 
Symposium Date: October 21, 2017


How does art empower the individual, our society, the marginalized? What’s your story, how can it help others/society? 

This symposium brings together people and topics to empower us to critical conversations 

The vision of this symposium is to encourage educators, students, researchers, artists, community-based advocates, and museum professionals to share their perspectives from a theoretical paradigm or teaching practice, each of which presents challenges and discoveries of understanding and exploring social justice through art education, art making, and art history.

Requirements for Symposium entry:

Email packet to Kristi Rucker at

  1. Cover page with full name, phone number, job title and proposal theme
  2. Proposal (150 words or less)

Proposals can be made in one of three formats:

Presentation (20 minutes): may be individual or group. Presentations can take any form that is appropriate for your topic, such as in a research format, a short hands-on workshop, a performance, or presentation of artworks.

Pecha Kucha (6.5 minutes): may be individual or group. Pecha Kucha is a fast-paced format that utilizes 20 images, each one shown for 20 seconds. Images advance automatically while the presenter talks.

Poster Presentation: A 5-10 minute informal presentation accompanied by visuals (the poster) that help illustrate the research or project. Poster sessions allow for individual or small group interactions as audiences move about the different posters. The presenter often repeats the research several times over the duration of the poster session (usually about 50 minutes). Other poster sessions run parallel.

Artwork/gallery: Presentation of artwork in a gallery space.

Deadline for proposals: September 15, 2017

Notification of Acceptance: September 22, 20

To present or attend, please register by Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Symposium Venue:

Visual Arts Graduate Research Laboratory

University of Arizona

1231 N Fremont Ave, Tucson, AZ

We are currently in the process of updated the website

Until site is updated email all questions to

We look forward to sharing ideas to create empowering critical conversations for social justice through art education, art making, and art history.


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