2015 call for proposals is now closed.
2016 Roundtable: Saturday, October 8th.


2015 Annual Roundtable- Emerging Conversations

Saturday, October 10, 9:00 am.-1:00 pm.

Proposal Submission Deadline: Friday, September 25th, 2015

Please register by Friday,  October 2nd, 2015

Social justice is a collective force that seeks to expose and repair systems of injustice and oppression which operate on society. Immigration, racism, and gender inequality, are several of many issues which may be explored and understood through art and educational practice.  In teaching about these critical social issues, differing/deffering guidance in the art classroom leads students to pursue and develop varying and intersecting perspectives to consider and further influence how they interact with critical social issues in the future.

The vision of this roundtable is to encourage students, educators, researcher, artists, community-based advocates, and museum professionals to share their perspectives from theoretical research or teaching practice, each of which presents challenges and discoveries of understanding and exploring social justice through art education, art making, and art history.

Proposals can be made in one of three formats:

Presentation (20 minutes) may be individual or group. These presentations can take any form that is appropriate for your topic, such as in a research-based format, a short hands-on workshop, performances, or presenting artworks.

Pecha Kucha (6.5 minutes) may be individual or group. Pecha Kucha is a fast-paced format that utilizes 20 images each one shown for only 20 seconds as a presenter speaks for 6 minutes and a half. For more information on Pecha Kucha please click here.

Artwork gallery-  presenting artwork in a gallery space

If you are not interested in presenting formally we still want to hear your voice. As part of our efforts to create a more dynamic exchange of ideas the day will end with a Closing-social Conversation. This is an interactive and collaborative conversation-social-based forum in which every attendee joins in the dialogue, all you have to do to take part is register here.

Please note, there is no fee to submit a proposal for Emerging Conversations, but donation is welcome.


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