Emerging Conversations 2014:  Blurring Boundaries

Saturday, October 11th. 


In art and visual culture education, boundaries can occur when drawing distinctions between institutions, disciplines, educators’ roles, and approaches to research and teaching. Realizing this, how can we blur boundaries existing between: 1) venues where learning occurs (schools, museums, public sites, etc.); 2) disciplines; 3) roles/relationships of the educator and the learner or the artist and the audience; and 4) research and practice? Attempts to blur and break such boundaries can enable us to better understand critical, social, and cultural processes associated with learning, teaching, curriculum development, and community engagement. Such processes could lead to social change.

Based on the idea of blurring boundaries, we invite students, educators, researchers, artists, community-based advocates, and museum professionals to submit proposals that explore questions:

  • How do we broaden our practice in art and visual culture education outside of the educational institution?
  • How do we connect traditional schooling to learning in community and public sites?
  • How do we effectively bring our students’ social and cultural experiences into the learning process created by blurring boundaries?
  • In what ways do we practice interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary approaches in art and visual culture education?
  • What defines us as the teacher, the leaner, or the researcher and how do we develop these definitions?
  • How do we blur boundaries between the teacher and the student? How can we learn from in-between spaces?
  • What are limitations and possibilities in blurring boundaries in art and visual culture education?


The event will be occurred at the Visual Arts Graduate Research Laboratory and the Graduate Gallery

Event Address: 1231 N. Fremont Avenue, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85719 (See Map)

Parking spaces and cover parking (Park Ave. Garage) are available in front of the building.

Parking lots are free. Garage rate- $2.00 per hour; $8.00 max per entry.

Schedule of Event

8:30-9:00       Registration

9:00-9:10       Welcome to Emerging Conversations 2014

9:10-9:30       A Visual Research Narrative (Becky Shipe)

9:32-9:52       Art Installations in Two Deserts (Linda Krecker)

9:55-10:15      Collective Learning Resources on deviantART.com (Brian L. Jones)

10:17-10:25    Beauty of Night (Charles Dodoo)

10:25-10:32    Examining the Unfamiliar to Revisit the Familiar (Bonnie Halsey-Dutton)

10:32-10:50    Break

10:50-11:10    Children’s Rights in Practice, Education, and Research (Emily Earl)

11:10-11:30     Examining Information Processing Through Museum Performance (Lindsey Baker)

11:33-11:53      USDAC Imagining Arts Education #2034 (Michael B Schwartz)

11:53-12:00     Earth to Vessel: A Glimpse into Tribal Pottery of Zambia (Lisa Sekulich)

12:10-12:07     What Do They Hide? Hiding Can Be a Way of Finding (Claire Chien)

12:10-12:30     Q & A Session

12:30-               Closing Event

Presentation Abstracts


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