8:30-9:00 Registrations

9:00-9:10 Welcome to Emerging Conversations 2017

20-minute presenting

9:10-9:30 am

Alfred Acquah

Hope and Aspirations of Immigrants including Refugees expressed through Art: A case study with refugees at Owl and Panther

9:32-9:52 am

Taylor Kathryn Miller

You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography as a platform for transdisciplinary resistance to war

9:55-10:15 am

Kasey Elizabeth Stuart

Teaching with care: Utilizing the art classroom to accommodate adolescent depression and anxiety

10:17-10:37 am

Annika Suvi Tuuli Sohlman

Wicca the Wildchild – A Case study on Domestication Through the Modern Witchcraft Movement

10:39-10:59 am

Kristi Rucker

Teaching for a Sustainable Future- Digital Architecture Design

11:00-11:30am   Gallery Exhibition & Break

Art / Posters

  1.  León De la Rosa-Carrillo

Three book-works (hardcover, digital print on sailcloth, 32”x12.5”) and 140 index cards (handwritten, with three wood casings, 7”x4”)

  1. Anna Brooks Ramsey

“Implicit Visual Culture: Principles of Design for Social Justice Education”

  1. Kimberly Mast

Rupturing the Art History Cannon- Globalizing Survey on One Thousand Plateaus


11:30-11:50 am

Mary Stokrocki

What’s Your Story? Empowering Local Marginalized Populations Through Collective Art Community Spaces

11:52-12:12 pm

León De la Rosa-Carrillo

Learning to love the alien spaceship: My conversations with The Art Museum of Ciudad Juárez

12:15-12:35 pm

Chase Lang

Radio Free: Community Media in the 21st Century

12:37-1:00 pm

Andrew Tegarden

A Self/Other-Guided Rock Art Walking Tour


1:00-1:30 pm Q & A Session and Closing